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Health Care

The Council developed its Health Care Transformation Division to facilitate collaboration among providers to make the region a destination for health care.

Northwest Arkansas Health Care: Assessment, Economic Impact and Vision for the Future was released in January 2019, focusing on Northwest Arkansas’ health care sector, a $2.7 billion portion of the region’s economy. Paired with other research we’ve done, it underscored that there’s room to grow in terms of attracting medical specialists.

The good news? Many regions facing this challenge have seen a positive impact by enacting programs and initiatives like ours.

Members of the Health Care Transformation

The Health Care Transformation Division is committed to building Northwest Arkansas into a premier health care destination through increased access to care, more availability of high-level specialty care, and integrating wellness of mind and body as an integral component of health care.

Our Commitment

The Northwest Arkansas health care community believes diversity, equity and inclusion are vital to the well-being and success of our employees, communities and businesses. Read more about our commitment to treating all residents and visitors to Northwest Arkansas.

Our Vision

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