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Talent Attraction

With one of the best costs of living, plentiful outdoor lifestyle perks, nationally ranked arts, culture and cuisine scenes, and per capita income that’s 14% higher than the national average, the Northwest Arkansas region offers a unique opportunity to create balance for those eager to move from congested and expensive larger cities and suburbs. It’s no wonder that every day, 30 people pack up and move here.

Still, our corner of the country is not always top of mind, but this year we found a lot of success with our FindingNWA program, giving out-of-state job seekers and other potential residents a hub to get a sense of our local flavor—reaching over 3.3 million people across the world. Through a program of digital and physical events featuring iconic speakers on topics like our food scene, outdoor attractions and art initiatives, followed by zine content spotlighting different elements of the region, we aimed to help newcomers see themselves in NWA. In a post-series survey, 95% of respondents said it did just that.


Life Works Here Initiative

To support one of the nation’s fastest-growing economies, the Northwest Arkansas Council invests in attracting top talent. The Life Works Here initiative is a multifaceted campaign that seeks to capture the attention and interest of those looking to leave the hectic life of major U.S. cities by bringing to light the lifestyle and career benefits offered here. Our goal is to attract workers to fill the region’s more than 10,000 open positions.

One benefit offered by the Life Works Here initiative includes relocation support for individuals interested in opportunities in the Northwest Arkansas region. Candidates connect with a Northwest Arkansas talent ambassador, who provides concierge services such as networking with area recruiters, sharing information about current opportunities and open jobs, and fielding questions about the region.

Support for Northwest Arkansas Recruiters

We work directly with area recruiters and human resource managers to help them find qualified candidates. Not only does our team share candidate information, but we also provide recruiters with the resources and tools to attract talent through our Northwest Arkansas recruiter’s tool kit (images, videos, our cost-of-living calculator and promotional zines).

You Love Series

We recently presented a series of moderator-led digital forums featuring leaders in many different realms of business, lifestyle and art, from NWA and beyond. The project reached over 3.3 million people across 41 states and 37 countries.

With an open dialogue format, this dynamic series exhibited our willingness to talk about real ways to make NWA life even better. Topics ranged from outdoor cycling (You Love the Outdoors: Take On the Day) to the local beer brewery and coffee roastery scenes (You Love Cuisine: Be a Tastemaker). Each topic highlighted aspects of the area that may be under the radar for some, and underscored the expertise in the region by pairing local panelists (like Ozark beer owner Andy Coates, artist Octavio Logo and chef Rafael Rios) with more widely known speakers (like outdoors advocate Mirna Valerio, urbanist Richard Florida and chef Kwame Onwuachi). Participants received digital content after certain events, including interviews, local news and listings, and more.

Participants received digital content after certain events, including interviews, local news and listings and more. Watch the recap video of the full series or check out the digital zine takeaways:

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