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VIDEO: Retail technology leaders join forces on a mission to save brick-and-mortar by improving customer experience through flawless in-store execution

Bentonville-based Movista, Inc., a leading provider of advanced, mobile-first retail execution and workforce management platform, announced the acquisition of Natural Insight, a retail technology provider and its largest competitor. The merger unites two of the largest domain leaders in retail execution technology to greatly consolidate the marketplace.

Movista is a member of the Northwest Arkansas Council and, together with Natural Insight, brings innovative and intuitive solutions that address new and evolving challenges presented by retail’s changing landscape. 

For more than ten years, Movista and Natural Insight have provided tech-forward solutions to retailers, manufacturers and service companies with field teams seeking to drive operational efficiency and stabilize sales. Movista and Natural Insight have facilitated the successful completion of more than 63 million work assignments around the world by more than 100,000 workers combined. 

As a result of the acquisition, all players across the retail ecosystem (including retailers, consumer brands and merchandisers) will be empowered to improve in-store experience, grow sales, increase ROI of distributed workforce and capture and report on field data to power continuous improvement.

Movista and Natural Insight will continue to support customers and maintain their respective platforms. As part of the transaction, Movista will also own a majority stake of Natural Insight’s Capango brand. Powered by Natural Insight, Capango is a mobile retail job matching platform that connects job seekers with rewarding opportunities without resumes. Capango will play a pivotal role as Movista seeks to address the rise of the “gig” economy and the need for on demand labor.

Click here to read the company’s official announcement.

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