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Groundwork focuses on the emerging issue of housing affordability in Northwest Arkansas.

Groundwork, Workforce Housing for Northwest Arkansas

Groundwork – previously the Northwest Arkansas workforce housing center – is focused on the emerging issue of housing affordability in Benton and Washington counties in Northwest Arkansas.

The goal is to strengthen the bonds in Northwest Arkansas communities by creating a variety of well-designed housing options and mixed-income neighborhoods for the region’s workers and their families.

Groundwork is being incubated at the Northwest Arkansas Council with support from the Walton Family Foundation. The center will collaborate with community partners to develop a strategic plan specific to housing needs and priorities.

We will promote housing development in proximity to employment centers, lifestyle amenities and essential services.

Who This Helps

Teachers, firefighters, health care workers, manufacturing workers and other residents face increasing obstacles in finding housing at affordable rates relative to their incomes.

These barriers often prevent people from living in and contributing to the richness of the communities where they work.

Many Northwest Arkansas residents often choose to live away from the region’s core cities due to lower housing costs in outlying areas.

Any savings on housing costs by choosing to live outside city centers can be offset by higher transportation costs and increased commute time, making it difficult for people to become engaged in the communities where they work.

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