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Our Work


Since its inception, the Northwest Arkansas Council has worked to advance infrastructure priorities to support economic competitiveness, development and population growth in Northwest Arkansas. By advocating for budgets and approvals at the state and local level, we ultimately set up our region for growth.

We’re always looking to improve our roads, buildings and transportation (FareFlightNWA even helps travelers sort out the best deals on trips in and out). Highways and air service remain Council priorities, along with providing the collaborative capacity for various players in the region to address recycling, water supply, water quality and mobility options to align their work and identify efficiencies. Another growing concern that the Council is tackling is the availability of appropriately priced workforce housing.

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We work closely with the Arkansas Department of Transportation, the Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission and other government entities to ensure highway projects providing the most long-term, regional benefit are prioritized and funded.


Our team teams up with the Boston Mountain Solid Waste District and the Benton County Solid Waste District to bring increased consistency in recycling and use partnerships to create cost-efficient, waste reduction programs across Northwest Arkansas.


The Council aims to ensure our members, companies and state and local governments work in concert when possible to address the most significant water issues facing Beaver Lake, the Illinois River and other priority watersheds in Norhtwest Arkansas.

Workforce Housing

With partners, we identify appropriate affordable housing recommendations to advance from the University of Arkansas Center for Business and Economic Research regional housing assessment.

Air Service

In collaboration with Northwest Arkansas National Airport, we ensure the air service needs of the region’s companies are known to airlines. We continue to pursue additional low-cost carrier service to increase competition and drive down airfares.

The Council’s FareFlightNWA Program assists business and leisure travelers and encourages them to prioritize XNA over other airports, FareFlightNWA wants to help local travelers identify the best, most affordable flights. The key is making smart air-travel decisions.

Public Transportation

It’s a goal of ours to ensure that the services and funding of Razorback Transit and Ozark Transit keep up with the rapid population growth and the long-term needs to Northwest Arkansas. That includes assisting both systems as they explore ways to provide more trips to key employment centers.

Special thanks to our major investors for their support of the Northwest Arkansas Council and our work in the region: