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Statement on Arkansas HB1570

By April 5, 2021No Comments

By: Nelson Peacock

We are grateful to Governor Hutchinson for his veto of HB1570 and urge the Arkansas General Assembly to allow the Governor’s veto to stand.

The recent string of discriminatory legislation in Arkansas unfairly impacts the LGBTQ community by restricting rights and limiting access to health care. These bills do not advance Arkansas’ interests or reflect our shared values and commitments to creating inclusive communities where people can live, work and thrive.

These bills also hinder the ability to attract and retain economic investment in this state – through corporate talent, tourism and entrepreneurialism. 

We also believe it is imperative for Arkansas to pass hate crimes legislation. SB622 will ensure enhanced criminal penalties are available for any person who targets a victim who is a member or associated with a recognizable and identifiable class of individuals sharing mental, physical, biological, cultural, political or religious beliefs. 

The Northwest Arkansas Council looks forward to working with stakeholders across the state to ensure Arkansas laws reflect an inclusive and equitable community.

Special thanks to our major investors for their support of the Northwest Arkansas Council and our work in the region: