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Northwest Arkansas, Colorado Springs, Greater Chattanooga and Missoula today launched the Coalition of Hip Hideaways, a collective of distinct, likeminded communities across the country that are collaborating to accelerate thoughtful growth in all forms. This coalition represents a significant milestone, developed by the Northwest Arkansas Council, and builds on the success of Northwest Arkansas’ Life Works Here campaign, which aims to build awareness and appeal for the region. Pioneering the initiative, the Northwest Arkansas Council conceived and championed the idea, reaching out to industry peers to unite forces. As leaders in this transformative movement, the Coalition of Hip Hideaways invites likeminded organizations to stand with them and collectively shape the future of the community.

“In the heart of vibrant, lesser-known areas of the nation, communities like Northwest Arkansas are witnessing remarkable progress — offering not just fulfilling careers and work-life balance, but also serving as hubs within a coalition of trendy hideaways,” said Nelson Peacock, president and CEO of the Northwest Arkansas Council. “As the next installment of the Life Works Here campaign, the Coalition of Hip Hideaways seeks to enhance the quality of life for our citizens, learn from one another and navigate the evolving landscape of our diverse and growing communities — ensuring inclusive growth for the future. Approaching Colorado Springs, Greater Chattanooga and Missoula to join the coalition is just the first step on our journey of connectedness and collaboration between these communities.”

Hip Hideaways offer the unique cultural attractions, outdoor lifestyles, strong economies and career opportunities available in larger metros — with the character of a smaller metro and, most importantly, without the pitfalls of a crowded city. By bolstering awareness and appeal for our Hip Hideaways, we welcome talent to contribute to the vibrancy of our communities.

“The Colorado Springs Chamber & Economic Development Corporation joins the Coalition of Hip Hideaways to reshape our narrative, collaborating with kindred communities like Northwest Arkansas, Greater Chattanooga and Missoula,” said Dani Bolling, senior vice president of marketing, communications & sales for the Colorado Springs Chamber & Economic Development Corporation. “Emphasizing our inclusive community and welcoming diverse thoughts and experiences, we invite everyone to find their place in a Hip Hideaway, making it their own — a sincere invitation to come and witness it firsthand.”

National data shows smaller, up and coming cities are rising in population for their desirable quality of life as a rising cost of living continues to create affordability barriers in major cities. To ensure thoughtful growth that preserves the character and charm of each of these communities, the Coalition of Hip Hideaways will collaborate to develop strategies around affordability, housing, infrastructure and job creation.

“These are intentional community planners, thought leaders and provocateurs working toward creating vibrant places that preserve the cultural identity of our respective homes, while strategically fostering prosperity and growth alongside the people we attract and retain,” said Bridgett Massengill, president and CEO of Thrive Regional Partnership in Greater Chattanooga. “Being invited to partner with likeminded communities across the country for collaborative problem-solving is an easy and enthusiastic yes for us. As thriving, intentional places, we are committed to thoughtfully planning, growing and managing our development to retain the cultural identity of the beloved places we call home.”

“Through this coalition, we are not only promoting our communities as desirable places to live and work, but also fostering a network of support and collaboration to ensure thoughtful growth and preserve our unique identities,” said Mark Losh, president and CEO of the Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce. “Together, we can create a stronger and more vibrant future for all of our Hip Hideaways.”

Special thanks to our major investors for their support of the Northwest Arkansas Council and our work in the region: