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India, Arkansas Teams Earn Top Spots at Second ARK Challenge

By September 5, 2013February 3rd, 2021No Comments

Two teams from India were among three winners of the second ARK Challenge today.

Langhar of Delhi, Info Assembly of Delhi and Arkansas-based Overwatch each will receive the opportunity for $150,000 in additional capital investment.

The ARK Challenge is a 14-week entrepreneurial boot camp where startups work to take their marketable ideas and turn them into scaleable companies. Today’s Demo Day marked the end of the experience.

Langhar is a web-based mobile application that serves as a community marketplace where students, young professionals and businesses can pay for home-cooked meals that can be delivered or picked up.

Info Assembly is a search and analytics platform meant to accelerate investment research and to empower faster reporting and business decision making.

Overwatch, which includes founders from North Little Rock and Bentotville, is a mobile application, hardware and branded guns and gear to combine game features found in combat video games and live-action airsoft, paintball and laser tag matches.

The other six startups giving presentations today were Passenger Baggage Xpress, WeGreek, PressBaby, Visualogistics Technologies, Gamerius and Craftistas.

Several of the startup teams that made investment pitches today indicted they already are establishing relationships with larger companies, determining if they’ll become long-term customers.

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