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Digital Ambassadors Can Now Use Instagram

By April 4, 2014February 2nd, 2021No Comments

More than 400 Northwest Arkansas Digital Ambassadors use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to tout some of region’s best successes. Now, they’ll have video- and photo-sharing outlet Instagram as a new tool to share information about Northwest Arkansas.

The Northwest Arkansas Council has added Instagram to the Digital Ambassadors program. The addition was recommended by the Northwest Arkansas Bloggers, a group that includes some of the region’s social-media experts.

“With 150 million active users, Instagram needs to be part of the Northwest Arkansas Digital Ambassadors program, and we’re glad to have that guidance from the Northwest Arkansas Bloggers,” said Rob Smith, who manages the Northwest Arkansas Digital Ambassadors program for the Northwest Arkansas Council. “Instagram will give us an excellent opportunity to share the many faces and places of Northwest Arkansas to the digital audience.”

The Northwest Arkansas Digital Ambassadors program launched in November, and there are similar programs in places such as Tampa, Fla., and El Paso, Texas. Professional sports teams such as the Detroit Pistons and Baltimore Ravens have their own digital ambassador networks.

The Northwest Arkansas program’s email messages go out about once a week, asking the ambassadors to share content about such things as regional job growth, quality-of-life amenities, educational achievements, the local economy, and where the metropolitan statistical area stands in national rankings.

To sign up to be a Northwest Arkansas Digital Ambassador or for current digital ambassadors to add Instagram, please visit the Northwest Arkansas Council home page and go to the digital ambassadors’ link. When ambassadors are signed in, Instagram photos with the hashtag of #nwark will earn points toward winning the program’s monthly prizes.

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